Minibuses are 16 seaters van sized bus that goes everywhere in Hong Kong. They are cheap and efficient, however you have to be familiar with the area to figure out how to get there with a minibus.

There are two different minibus companies: the red minibus and the green minibus (colour refers to a wide stripe painted on top of the minibus)

Red Minibus

Operated by individuals, and the drivers pick their own route. Octopus cards are not accepted on red minibus services, but they do give you change.

Green Minibus

Operated by big companies, and are more organized with fixed routes and scheduled services. Payment can be made by Octopus card or cash. Note that if paying in cash, the exact fare is required and no change can be given.

Hong Kong Island Green Mini Bus Routes
Kowloon Green Mini Bus Routes
New Territories Green Mini Bus Routes

Tips on using Minibus

Some routes operate a 24 hour service
Destination is displayed on the front of the minibus in both Chinese and English
Once filled, minibuses won’t stop until someone asks to get off.
Passengers are required by law to wear seat belts where available.

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