Lo Pan Temple

Located in Kennedy Town, Lo Pan Temple is the only temple in Hong Kong dedicated to the worship of Lo Pan, the Patron Saint of Chinese Builders and Constructors. The Lo Pan temple is in the list of Grade I historic buildings in Hong Kong and part of the National Heritage Trails route.

Lo Pan was famous and respected for being the genius builder, carpenter and inventor in ancient China.

Four deities are worshiped in the Lo Pan Temple. The main deity, Lo Pan, is seated in the main hall. To the left of Lo Pan is the Deity of Wealth and to the right is the Deity of Matrimony. The Deity of Earth is seated to the right of the door of the first hall.

The birthday of Lo Pan is celebrated on the 13 June (Lunar Calendar) every year among practitioners of construction. It reflects the idea of esteeming one’s teacher and cherishing one’s discipline which is intrinsic to Chinese mentality. Regarded as the Master of all constructors, Lo Pan is worshiped by the practitioners of construction and three trades, namely carpentry, masonry and the trade of plastering.

Lo Pan Temple is a two-hall structure richly decorated with 26 mural paintings as well as Shiwan ceramic figurines and clay moldings.

The roof with glazed tiles are supported by its “Five Famous Mountains Paying Tribute to Heaven” gable walls, which are very distinctive amongst local Chinese traditional architecture.

How To Get There

MTR Admiralty Station Exit F, take Bus 23 outside Pacific Place. Alight at Pokfulam Road (after passing the Belcher’s) and walk around 10 minutes to Ching Lin Terrace.

Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm daily

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