KMB Kowloon Motor Bus

The Kowloon Motor Bus Company operates 315 bus routes in Kowloon and the New Territories and 60 routes on cross-harbour services. Fares for urban routes range from $2.6 to $12.2, and for New Territories routes, from $1.8 to $42.

With a licensed fleet of about 3,800 buses (as at 31 December, 2010), mostly double-deckers, KMB is one of the largest road passenger transport operators in southeast Asia. In 2010, the total licensed fleet carried 2.60 million passengers a day.

KMB (Kowloon Motor Bus Company) Bus Routes

Urban Kowloon Routes
New Territories Routes
Cross Harbour Routes

Telephone Number: 2745 4466
Official Website: KMB Bus

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