# do no bring a stroller/pram into DL. inside the theme park, you will find sturdy, jogger strollers for your use (at no charge). It should take up to 20kg like most heavy-weight strollers.
# take the disney line mtr instead of a taxi, the ride is quite an experience with mickey shaped windows, handle bars, bronze sculptures of disney characters in every carriage, so lots of photo opportunities
# bring snacks, not many food kioks around (only popcorn, ice cream and soda) and eating in the theme park is EXPENSIVE. If you hv children, you may want to consider packing a sandwich or a simple meal for the child.
# rem to get hold of EXPRESS passes for the rides
# stay in any of the resorts if you will like to spend more time at the theme park (although 1 day is more than sufficient if you start your day early)
# the DL resort (the cheaper one) is very family oriented. mickey everything in the rooms! and the characters might pop into the pool in the mornings/early afternoons for a swim ! that will never fail to whow the kids
# if u travelling with a big family (aunts, uncles, grandparents) do get the adults to wait inline for a 2nd ride while u are at the 1st ride (WAITING IS IMPOSSIBLE, and can take up to 45min for a ride which last 10min)
# bring change of clothes for children
# wait up for the parade – it is quite an affair!
# do not miss the fireworks at 7pm. grab your spot infront of the main street as early as 630pm. It is a good 20min display of brilliant fireworks. probably a little draggy as the narration is done in english, mandarin and cantonese.

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