Bonnie Wong

bonnieis a full time writer, bilingual translator and founder of Pastel b. cards. Out of audacity or stupidity Bonnie has quit her stale job in 2007 to pursue her long cherished dream to write and has never once looked back.

Bonnie has spent her school years in California and majored in English literature. Her mentor in college has spurred her on in her literary studies. The training though military is much appreciated in afterthought. Bonnie is based in Hong Kong and has witnessed the British colony metamorphose into a SAR. She hopes to share the uniqueness of Hong Kong with everyone through her writing.

In other words

I am a voracious reader who loves to write. Writing is cathartic, where I can make sense of the world around me. I am an avid blogger and running two blogs concurrently. I am my own worst critic, editing myself to death most of the time. I run a home office and a zoo with one dog, two cats and a cockatoo. The flexible schedule allows me the freedom for creative work and quality time with my pet kids. I am bad at multitasking, thus needing a lot of time and space alone to focus on any one thing. I lead a pretty hermetic life but my extended family is right in the neighborhood where I have lived for seven years. I am a vegetarian and very vocal about animal welfare so don’t get me started on the subject. My other passion is making bridal posies and greeting cards, blissful pursuits that bring people joy. I take my Pomeranian almost everywhere with me, though small in size is big in character. He is a perfect teacher of unconditional love and I count my little blessings every day.